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Texas Child Custody Investigations

Texas Child Custody Investigations What does a child custody investigator do? A child custody investigation can protect your children from danger and abuse. In the case of a divorce or separation, child custody investigation can help make sure that the child involved stay safe. A parent or court may order a Texas child custody investigator […]

Surviving Infidelity

Surviving Infidelity Beyond Betrayal: Life after Infidelity By Frank Pittman, Day after day in my office I see men and women who have been messing around. They lead secret lives, as they hide themselves from their marriages. They go through wrenching divorces, inflicting pain on their children and their children’s children. Or they make desperate, […]

What is Cheating When it Comes To Divorce In Texas

What Is Cheating When It Comes To Divorce In Texas? By Katie Lewis on March 4, 2013 Posted in Dallas County Divorce Recently, the Huffington Post published an article regarding the University of Michigan’s study entitled “Was That Cheating? Perceptions Vary by Sex, Attachment Anxiety, and Behavior,” which documents a survey given to 456 students […]

When your spouse cheats.

When Your Spouse Cheats One of my clients once asked me what it means to trust another human being. She wanted to know how she should react when a spouse or significant other is dishonest, inconsiderate or having an affair. She wondered if it is possible to rebuild trust in someone who disappoints us greatly. […]

3 Examples of when to hire a private Investigator In a Child Support Case

3 Examples of When To Hire A Private Investigator In A Child Custody Or Child Support Case A private investigator is often contacted by both law firms and private individuals to deal with matters that pertain to family law. Most often, these cases have to do with child custody, visitation, and support issues and range […]

More about Surveillance and the legal profession

More About Surveillance and the legal profession. The False Sense Of Success: How To Know If You Have Good Film David Dindak I was talking with a buddy of mine a few days ago. Both of us are seasoned PIs, and yeah, maybe even a little grizzled. When the conversation about family and friends was […]

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