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The Witness Statement C Patrick, Investigator The witness statement is an important aspect of the legal services provided by investigators to their attorney clients. The witness statement serves a number of purposes in a legal matter. The first is to gather information or investigate the facts needed by the client to form the strategy that […]


Family Law Investigations C Patrick, Investigator Family Law Investigations We are often contacted by law firms and private individuals alike to deal with matters that pertain to family law. Most often these cases have to do with child custody, visitation and support issues. These cases range from verifying compliance with court orders, by one parent […]


Surveillance One of the most essential skills an investigator can have is surveillance. Surveillance is an art form with techniques limited only by ones creativity. There have been many articles written on the subject relating to method. The area that has in my opinion been lacking in information is in the public perception of how […]

Criminal Defense Investigations

Criminal Defense Investigations C Patrick, Investigator Criminal Defense Investigations.The aspects of an investigation are basically the same no matter the type of investigation. Simply put, start with the basics. Examine the information at hand and find the loose thread or the piece of the puzzle that does not seem to fit. Once you establish what […]

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